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Breadline Blue (Educators Guide available www.lornamacdonaldczarnota.com)

Author Lorna Czarnota has created a masterful rite-of-passage narrative about Breadline Blue (William Saxton), a boy of sixteen who leaves home to help his family, devastated by illness and the Great Depression. Wide-eyed ‘Blue’ journeys from boyhood to his emerging maturity, challenged at every turn while riding the rails toward Washington, DC and Eleanor Roosevelt. Along the way he greets the full gamut of humankind as they toss down gauntlets or grace. He meets it all with the solid foundation of the values of the Saxton family, his mother’s voice echoing in his heart, offering readers a protagonist of substance and leaving them wanting more.

                                                                                                                                    -- Susan Klein, Author and Storyteller 

"Lovely characters and beautifully written!  Breadline Blue is a delicious coming of age tale that would be an asset for any classroom! A must-read for students!  Lorna Czarnota delivers a splendid story that is filled with real-life ups and downs. Couldn't put the book down! Veni vidi vici!!"                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                   ~ Aimee M. Levesque, Writer and Educator

One Lace Glove
Lorna's story One Lace Glove, found in this publication, is a haunting story of love and the sadness of war.

Hard Cover 15.95 plus shipping

A perfect Middle School Reader.


Medieval Tales
That Kids Can Read & Tell
The Stories in this book are just skeletons that give the main idea with the help of "Story History" and "Tips for Telling" sections. Each storyteller can add his or her own details to make the stories unique.

Hard Cover 21.95 plus shipping
Soft Cover 12.95 plus shipping


Medieval Tales was recognized by the Parents Council and won the Pegasus award as an outstanding storytelling resource for High School and Middle School.

Legends, Lore and Secrets of Western New York 

Stories of heroism, strength and ingenuity that formed a region and helped form a nation.

Soft Cover 19.99 plus shipping.



Wicked Niagara: the Sinister Side of the Niagara Frontier 

While many positive contributions to society came form the Niagara Frontier, there was and is a darker side.

Soft cover 19.99 plus shipping


Magic Lands
Wolf and Crane, Vasalisa, The Night Wolf Ate The Moon, Turnip Ice Cream, Once upon a Time on the Erie Canal, I Been Thinkin', The Magic Tapestry, Samuel's Dragon

Audio Cassette 10.00
plus shipping


Crossroads: Stories of Choice and Empowerment

Herein are stories of choice, life passages and empowerment. 

CD 15.00 plus shipping



Dancing in Dark Waters
We are not alone. Just beyond the curtain of time and the veil between the worlds, spirits walk.

CD 15.00
plus shipping


Dancing In Dark Water received the 2004 Storytelling World Honors Award.

 "Telling stories brings new worlds into being."
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