Lorna   MacDonald Czarnota

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Bringing Imagination to Life! 

Age: Anyone who needs joy.

Length: 30 - 40 minutes.    

Suggested Venues: Schools/ daycares /  retail stores/ libraries /  museums / parks / festivals / shelters / nursing homes / women's and youth organizations /  / churches /  and private in-home.

Mrs. Goody Claus : Storytelling, songs, activities and interaction conversation about Santa Claus and life at the North Pole.

Goody is Santa's #1 helper. She bakes cookies, helps in the workshop, drives the reindeer, looks after the elves and of course takes care of Santa Claus.

Mrs. Claus is available year round for literacy programs and to remind children of their behavior and their manners. Great for character education programs!

Coordinates with writing and arts activities in the academic curriculums.