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Historical presentations of "living history" programs in period costume.  Bring learning to Life!

Audience Age ranges are shown where applicable. 

Length: 45 minutes- two hours as shown per program. (Bookings may be for multiple shows per day. )  Residency rates available.       

Suggested Venues: Schools /  libraries /  museums / parks / festivals / shelters / nursing homes / colleges / women's and youth organizations / business, sales and corporate coaching / churches / festivals / conferences / and private in-home.     

Historical Presentations and Workshops:

Medieval Artifacts: Grade K-adult, 60  minutes:
View artifacts and interact with presenter, learn about the roles of men, women, children, animals and the church during the Middle Ages.

Living in the Middle Ages: Grade 4-adult, 45min- two hour workshops available:
A hands-on workshop series of Medieval arts including arms and armor, home arts, monastery, bardic school, and Prince Henry's School of Navigation.

Life in Colonial America: Grade K- 5. 45-60 minutes presentation.
Visit a Colonial kitchen and learn about home and political life in the early colonies. 

Workshops in leather work, quilting, home arts, government, and education. Grades depend on workshop craft, 45-60 minutes.

A Spinner's Place: Grade K-adult, 45 minutes.
Spinning demonstration from sheep to shawl with stories of spinning and weaving, and discussion on the American Colonies

Letters Home: Stories of the Civil War : Grades 4-adult, 60 minutes.
Listen to the stories of two women who disguised themselves and fought during the American Civil War. Discover why the war was fought through the eyes of these women and find out what happened at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Follow-up workshops available: In-Persona Journal writing, role-play etc. Perfect for Social Studies or Language Arts curriculum. 45-60 minutes, full and half-day intensives.

The Movin' Dress : Grades 5-adult. 45 minutes.  The compelling story of a dust bowl family surviving the Great Depression and their migration west.




 "Telling stories brings new worlds into being."
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