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This Month's Special from Crossroads Seminars: Book an In-Home Holiday Party and receive an instant 10% off the fee. Bookings require a $50 minimum for five people. $10 per person after the minimum. Large groups rates available, please inquire.

A Holiday party is 45-60 minutes of inspiring stories at  your home or club. Bookings must be made by December 10th to receive this discount. This offer includes a visit from Mrs. Claus or storytelling by the presenter. 

Motivational Programs for At-Risk Youth, Abused Women, Professionals, Corporations, Organizations, Young Mothers & Fathers, Communities following Disaster.

Length: 60 minutes - two hours. Multiple sessions available, 6-8 weeks.       

Suggested Venues: Schools /  libraries /  museums / parks / festivals / shelters / nursing homes / colleges / women's and youth organizations / business, sales and corporate coaching / churches / festivals / conferences / and private in-home.

Consider booking a house party for teens, parents, mothers and daughters, professionals, women, and other organizations.

Programs tailored to your needs or themes or you may select from one of the following themes:

Dancing at the Crossroads Themes include

Stories of Choice and Empowerment: Stories and activities about making good choice.

Hero Quest : Stories and activities for the hero's journey, finding your inner strength.

Mommy and Me : Stories and activities for young mothers and fathers. Learning to interact with your child to break the cycle of illiteracy.

My Story, My Poem: Finding your voice, telling your story.

Community Building Legacy Projects Themes include:

Walk the Line : Stories and activities for diversity and tolerance training, including anti-bullying.

The Magic Fish Pond : Stories and activities of hope and identity building.

Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Keynotes Themes include:

Coaching for parents and youth in conflict. 

Training for adult staff, teachers, librarians, ministers.

Keynotes available:

"There's a Monster in My Closet": helping children cope with loss and fear following disaster.

"Our Legacy": Discovery our power to enact change and empower future generations.

"Learning to Dance": Navigating grief and loss and finding self-empowerment to thrive.