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Storytelling for All Ages 

Many Venues

Length: 30 - 60 minutes. (Bookings may be for multiple shows per day. )   Residency rates available.      

Suggested Venues: Schools /  libraries /  museums / parks / festivals / shelters / nursing homes / colleges / women's and youth organizations / business, sales and corporate coaching / churches / festivals / conferences / and private in-home.

Programs tailored to your needs or themes or you may select from one of the following themes:

Concerts and Assemblies:        

Tales of the Misty Highlands:  Scottish and Irish tales: family appropriate                                
Wild and Wooly Tales:  Animal stories and fables: family appropriate
This World of Ours:  Stories from many cultures: family appropriate
Dancing in Dark Waters:  Stories of the supernatural: age 12 - adult                     

Crossroads:  Stories of choice and empowerment: age 12 to adult 

HeroQuest:  Stories of the hero's journey: age 12 to adult

Medieval Tales  Stories from the Middle Ages: all ages

Workshops and Residencies: 

Coaching for Kindergarten to adults. Learn the basic tools of storytelling and practice with  feedback. 

For professional storytellers or novice tellers. In person or teleconference.

Corporate + Teacher  + Counselor + Therapist + Minister  training. 

How to tell Stories in Persona: Perfect for social studies activities. 

 A Tale to Tell: storytelling for beginners
Telling Tales in School: storytelling for the classroom
Our Legacy: learning to tell personal and family stories
  Unlocking the Power of Story: Finding the power heart of story for improved storytelling

 "Telling stories brings new worlds into being."
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